Throw Away that Wrist Splint!

Do you have Customer Service or Sales Reps with wrist splints due to repetetively typing order data into your ERP or other system? That is so 1.0. Time to let them shed their splints by automating that sort of stuff.

We recently worked with some steel companies that needed to devote full time resources to this task. Clients were sending csv 'cut-lists' generated in Fabtrol - a fabrication management program - which needed to be hand keyed order line item by tedious order line item into Eniteo - a Sales & Inventory management program for Steel Service Centers. And many files contained hundreds of individual item lines. Ouch!

So, leveraging our knowledge of Eniteo, Excel and data transformations, we worked our magic and now the Sales team just

  • Does a one click import of the CSV into a web application
  • Sees an online preview of the data to be imported
  • Clicks one more button - we know, two clicks but it replaces hours of typing - to send the data to Eniteo.

The submitted data creates a Sales Quote in Eniteo with the Sales Rep and Client added and everybody - except the wrist splint suppier - is happy. 

Now maybe you are not in the Steel business but maybe you do have similar tedious processes that would be amenable to a similar solution. Naturally, we can't tell you what other Client's are spending, but we can say that for one of the Clients we rolled this out for, the total tab for our services came in at less than 2 months salary for one CSR. Can we say 'bottom line impact'? Yes, we can!