Get Down and Give Me Twenty, Website!

All tied up in knots? Fortunately, it doesn't take a Houdini to untangle some common business issues. Chances are, if you were to step back and squint, you'd see chokepoints in some of your processes. For many small to medium size businesses, though, no one has the time to take that step back and the result is inefficient and time-consuming processes continuing to waste resource time and impede access to information - while all the while, your website could be working harder.

From the production floor to Customer Service; from Marketing to Fulfillment, cycles are wasted in duplicative tasks that low-hanging solutions could eliminate. Not good. Your talented people should be using their talents - and can be if they have the tools they need.

Self-Service Data Access

A title company had an offline database they called the Safe - and it was pretty safe, because no one outside their offices could get to it. Agents who needed information called Customer Service. Coho's solution leveraged the Agent's current portal login profiles, matched them with their dedicated Reps & Customer Service teams and combined that with new functions built on a secure real-time extract of the Safe data to provide a mobile-first self-service solution that has freed up days of Client side resource time.

Tools: Open Source .NET Content Management / MsSQL / XML / HTML 5 / jQuery

Data Source Consolidation

A major Pacific Northwest home builder had data about their communities, homes, plats, realtors, prospects and owners in multiple systems that were not accessible to their user groups. And these snooty systems weren't talking to each other. In some cases, users were re-keying the same data about a home into five different systems. Ouch! Coho's solution combined data streams from these systems into new public facing portals. More importantly, we provided an admin UI for an enter once solution to the re-keying woes. Oh, yeah, we also implemented a swanky new responsive design while we were at it and everybody is a bit happier.

Tools: .NET / MsSQL / HTML 5 / jQuery

Integrations: Legacy CMS Portal Sites / Microsoft Dynamics AX / Multiple Listing Service

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