Distance Working Tools

Coho hopes everyone is doing the WHO Five and staying safe –

and doing the best you can to adapt your businesses to the ever-evolving new normal of the Covid 19 crisis.

For many businesses, making significant social distancing changes is going to be difficult and for all businesses, there is no getting around it - this is a difficult time for business.

Coho has been a defacto ‘socially-distanced’ company from its inception, so for those who can virtualize some of their work-force but haven’t done this before, here’s a round-up of tools we use to make it easier for our team to be a team:

  • Slack – Instant Messaging
  • Asana – Project & Task Management 
  • Click Time – Time Tracking
  • Office 365 – Email and the Microsoft work tools – Word, Excel, etc
  • Join.me – Phone & Video Conferencing, screensharing
  • Zoom - Phone & Video Conferencing, screensharing

Stay safe!
The Coho Web Consulting Team