Happiness is...

When Your Clients' Customers are Happy

360 degree survey imageAnd when that happens, we’re happy, too. It's a happy-fest!

This bit of news passed on by one of our favorite Clients upped our happiness quotient:

‘I don't know who all worked on the newest version of your survey [Editor’s Note: That’d be Coho], but I wanted to say "well done"! It was the easiest/clearest version - way easier to take than in past years.’

So, that’s a good thing!  And, BTW, this wasn't just any survey. No, this was a mobile-friendly, multi-step 360 Degree Employee Satisfaction Survey and what that happy customer saw was just the tip of the iceberg. Under the hood, we built a complete management application that allows our Client to manage the survey, manage customers, localize the survey in multiple languages, charge their customers and access extensive graphic reports with extensive slicing and dicing of demographics.

The customers can also crunch a bunch of data and compare multiple satisfaction metrics year-over-year. Coordinators and Team Leads also get automated survey progress notification emails

The whole thing is bound to be making a lot of people all over the world just a bit happier - and more satisfied. We like that.