We like to hit the ground running, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves - or you. To avoid tripping over hidden hazards down the road, this is how we roll...


Research & Planning

Planning is big. We start with Consultation services to determine needs, goals, scope, direction, audience and impression including all technical, integration, interaction and work flow requirements, determination of appropriate platform/s (Frameworks, CMS, Databases, eCommerce); supporting software applications and/or plug-ins and modules; details of back office or other 3rd party platform or database integration requirements.

Prototyping & Design

Planning was what, now we move to how and where. This is an iterative process involving both low and high fidelity wireframes as appropriate and in which Coho resources illustrate the necessary UI components as defined during Requirements for review and comment. Includes:

Prototype Page Flow and Interface Design

  • Sample screens representing user facing design elements
  • Sample data entry screens
  • Sample Responsive Layouts
  • Proof of concept of data retrieval for external data sources (if any)

System and User Interface Beta

  • Design common User Interface screens
  • Design Function Specific UI screens – report entry, for example
  • Finalize user flow and inventory of page components (what is going to go where)



The electrons hit the road! Final design; acquisition, setup and configuration of software and any helper apps/modules; build of optimized HTML/CSS from final design art and integration with platform templates; database & programming work as necessary to enhance integrations; full functional build of all programming pieces; review, testing and modifications from user acceptance; move of site to production servers; addition of example content types; documentation & Initial Training; definition & configuration of backup and maintenance schedules; coordination with SEO/SEM resources and any 3rd party platforms – Hubspot, Salesforce, etc



Post launch support including minor post launch modifications that arise out of real world visitor experience and/or admin work flow; ongoing support and consultation for extensions, new features and upgrades.