Steel is Real

And Coho Clients are Rolling it Out!

seven cycles redsky steel frame bicycle frameAmong other things Steel is Real is a Facebook group dedicated to the appreciation of steel-framed bicycles (that's a Seven Cycles Redsky on the right). It’s also intended as a statement that despite rumors to the contrary, plenty of steel is getting made in the good ‘ol USA (and Canada) and Coho has Clients that can prove it. So, we wanted to celebrate North American manufacturing a bit by telling you about some recent integrations for the steel sector – one for a steel company in the US (in our home town of Seattle, in fact) and one in Canada. The common denominator is that both companies use the same Steel Service Center industry ERP system – Eniteo by Enmark – and both needed some integration assistance – which Coho Web Consulting was happily able to provide.

Due to experience that Coho principals had while at other firms with a full end-to-end Eniteo/eCommerce integration for a steel sub-division of an international Global Fortune 500 firm, Coho was well-prepared to assist others with specific Eniteo integration needs.

For the US steel firm, we were able to salvage a project they had started with another developer. That developer ended up out of his depth and Coho was able to put the pedal to the metal (so to speak) and rapidly deploy a function that allowed the company to import Fabtrol cut sheets coming from their customers directly into Eniteo.  Rumor has it this firm will soon be embarking on a full end-to-end eCommerce and Eniteo integration – orders, quotes, real-time inventory, heat number lookups, Material Testing Reports compilation and delivery, shipping logistics, etc. – and Coho will be ‘steeling’ itself for that soon.

North of the border, we assisted a Canadian steel firm with a direct order integration to pump orders from their Magento site directly into Eniteo and are now working with them on a Fabtrol integration as well - and in fact, we are working with another Canadian steel firm on a Fabtrol integration as well.

So, perhaps Men of Steel would be an exaggeration, but we certainly are getting to know our way around Cold Roll 4130, Beryllium C173, Stainless T-bar, Wide-Flange Beams and many other alloys and products.

If you’d like some hard facts about steel or data integration opportunities, let us know.