When you’re a community and home developer, it shouldn’t take as long to get your new neighborhood onto your website as it did to actually build the neighborhood. And it didn’t – not quite. But adding a new neighborhood involved firing up several legacy applications, keying in the same data multiple times, then combining multiple outputs and pasting them into the web site. Not so good.

So, we consolidated and automated on-Site display and styling of data from multiple sources -  SQL data from Microsoft Dynamics AX (an ERP solution), MLS Data and data from several of the Client’s portal sites (for contractors, realtors, homeowners and prospects) to eliminate the previous thrash.

The previous platform also required design and HTML/CSS build actions to add a new neighborhood to the online portfolio. In the new application, this is virtually automatic when a new neighborhood is defined in the Client systems noted above.

Oh – and did we mention that the previous site was not mobile-friendly? A major issue given that users are all on their phones when touring neighborhoods. So, we moved to a completely responsive view that renders all content including maps, amenities, nearby resources and platt maps for handheld and tablets. So, what’s stopping you? Go buy a home!

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